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  1. Staff that Engage. Inform. Sell.
    Trained, Temporary & Permanent Marketing Staff
  1. Market Manager
  2. Sales Analyst
  3. Ambassador
  4. Demonstrator
Our Staff Looks Different...
They are Your Consumers
Our experts uncover your needs, then select staff for you
Our Hiring Services
We source, interview and pay staff for your vacancies.
Send us the date, time and location. We schedule, train and pay staff.
All of our staff is trained on your product and culture through our propietary curriculum.

We Make Filling Jobs Easy...
  • Eliminate employment liabilities
  • Pay a company...not multiple staff
  • 1 contact ...not 3 Account Managers
  • Suggestions for branding and recruitment
  • ​Experienced Founder & Staff

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  1. Sales Data Analyst
    Sales Data Analyst
  2. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
    Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  3. Marketing Manager
    Marketing Manager
  4. Sales Director
    Sales Director
Staff completes a training on your company, before hired.
  1. Brand Ambassador
    Brand Ambassador
  2. Food & Alcohol Sampling
    Food & Alcohol Sampling
  3. Tradeshow Host
    Tradeshow Host
  4. Event Host, Coordinator
    Event Host, Coordinator
  5. Lead Generator
    Lead Generator
  6. Secret Shoppers
    Secret Shoppers
3-Tier Training  is Real!


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