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Staffing Industry Analysts' 2016
"Top Millenials  in Staffing"

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  1. Staff that Engage. Inform. Sell.
    Promotional Marketing Staffing
  1. Brand Reps
    Brand Reps
    Product Specialists and Ambassadors for food, wine/food, packaged goods, services and other promotions.
  2. Managers
    Personable MCs & event hosts.
  3. Demos
    Food, Liquor, Wine, Beer Demos
  1. 50
    Major Markets
  2. #1
    Our Priority...That's YOU!
  3. 100%
Why We're Gladiators...
  1. Trained Staff
    Our founder is a professor. Enough said! This sales course pushes the purpose of promotion: Engage, Inform, Sell!
  2. Mobile Staff Request
    Download our app to access the Client Portal. View sales and photos of your events.
  3. Affordable
    From small to large, we assess your options.
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