Nationwide promotional staffing company.
After an unconventional knee injury, I put my 5,000+ promotional campaigns into action by searching the globe for other crafty ambassadors! Since I've executed every aspect of marketing- demos, management, guerrilla, and tradeshows, finding GREAT talent is easy! 
Because of my injury, I know no one should be eliminated from the workforce because they are home-bound. Therefore, I hire physically-challenged personnel to work internal positions, and capable personnel in the field.

I'm an oenophile, vegetarian and health-food enthusiast, and an on-air TV and radio veteran from West Michigan. My show "FlaVaFull," is a travel vegetarian cooking show ready for syndication.  I'm an MBA graduate with a Broadcasting degree and serve as an adjunct professor. Oh yeah, I'm a Promo Gladiator! 

Enjoy a "Sid Simone:"
Peach Vodka
Brut Champagne
Cranberry Juice

                                                                                                                             ~ Sid Simone, MBA
                                                                                                                                    Founder & CEO

Why We Gladiate

Who We Are...
Our Mission

Sid Simone is a marketing staffing agency, since 2013. We hire, train and staff promotional talent (PROMO GLADIATORS) to assist, sell and promote at tradeshows, samplings, and social events. For marketing, we hire CMOs, Marketing Directors, Sales Managers and Customer Service Specialists in the United States on a permanent and temporary basis.

Our victories are measured by the brands which we have helped launch and the 50%+ sales increase they have reported. Demo staff is food and alcohol certified. Staff is trained prior to representing brands. We even have bilingual event staff across the United States.

Our Founder is Staffing Industry Analysts Magazine's
"Millenials in Staffing 2016"

Additionally, we do some linking brands with non-competitive parties to increase their sales and brand recognition. With turn-key promotional staffing services such as recruiting, training and paying staff, we make events worth liking, sharing and following!

Sustainability Practices and Corporate Social Responsibility​
We are 100% environmentally friendly! 
No vehicle emission
No electricity for an office building
No paper or waste
Fewer vehicle incidents

We Hire Unconventionally 
  1. All of our staff works remotely. Cool, right?
  2. The company is minority owned:  women, Native-American, and African American 
  3. Diverse staff- physical mobility, race, gender, age, size
Core Values
  1. Educate and inspire staff through career-enhancing training
  2. Educate and inspire clients through useful resources
  3. Respect workers by compensating them for their proven labor
  4. Offer opportunities to limited mobility personnel

"Supply trained and diverse staff at a competitive value."


Sid Simone's Only, Not Lonely Child Scholarship Fund

OUR Community Initiative

By 2025, we aspire to offer a college scholarship for only children raised in single parent homes. This initiative can stimulate the budget of families that desire to send their child to college on limited funds.
They too can create something "unconventional."
​By hiring or working with us, you are supporting one of the only minority-female owned promotional staffing companies in the US. More than 50% of staffing agencies are owned by men, and even fewer by ethnic minorities.

YOUR Community Initiative