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Sales are Sexy.
That's Why We Have
  1. Staff that Engage. Inform. Sell.

Sid Simone Staffing supplies trained 
event staff, and

marketing professionals,
across the United States.

...attractive staff is just a bonus! 

marketing Staff ​​
Chief Marketing Officer
Customer Service Rep
Digital Marketing Coord.
Data Analyst-Marketing
Marketing Analytics Rep
Market Manager
Operations Manager
Sales Director

Events ​​
​​Bar and Nightclub
College Tour
Conferences, Festivals
Demos & Sampling
Grand Openings
Guerilla Marketing
Holiday Parties
Mobile Marketing
Movie Screenings
Mall Promotion

Real Estate Openings
Team Building
Trade Show
VIP Events

event ​​ staff 
Alcohol, Food Sampler
Booth Staff
Car Model
Costume Character
Drag Kings/Queens
Event Host
Flyering Street Team
Labor Staff
Secret Shopper
Survey Taker
Tradeshow Model
VIP Host
Staff Passes Your Online Course
Before Working

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Organic Chocolate
  ​​Receive an Event Recap  ​​
# of sales
# of interactions
# of engagements
...and more!

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Product Industry

Organic Labels

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 Selling Product to Your Consumers

Healthy Snackers
Our experts uncover your needs,

then match staff 
What We Do 
Why Its Cool!
Schedule and pay staff
Don't waste time scheduling and paying event staff
Eliminate your employee insurance liability
Employers pay 83% of healthcare insurance. Don't run the risk for temporary staff.
Omit travel costs for your employees
Local staff is hired.  They tell their friends to try your product or visit your event.
Increase sales and brand awareness 40%+
1 of 3 experiential campaigns leads to sharing! Our network of THOUSANDS will know you!
Have staff in your cities, countries and stores
International staff available. Don't turn down any stores or contracts...the event will be executed!
Create a concrete budget
Pay 1 flat rate.  No commissions.

Thank you, Partner!

Partnering with us means more exposure for your brand to a network of THOUSANDS of potential consumers!

We send you media opportunities for exposure, and promote your brands on our site and social media. 

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