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We are currently seeking the following: 

  1. Clients
    1. You are a brand/company that wants to hire us to either recruit or place staff in your vacancies
  2. Vendor
    1. You offer a service to us, or our clients for our career fairs or networking events
  3. Partners
    1. Your company is seeking to outsource staffing. That means you want to offer staffing services, but would like for us to be the designated vendor.
    2. Non-Competitive- both companies offer a service that can enhance the other's brand. There is a link on each company's page, to the other company's site.
  4. Brand Partnership
    1. We create a long-term staffing  plan for your experiential events. 

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

What cities  and stores do you service?
We have staff in medium to large markets across the United States.  Staff can travel to smaller markets as well. 
Staff can execute at any store or venue that allows 3rd party agencies. Consult with your retailers to know their regulations.

What happens if the rep fails to show up for the shift ? 
This is not a common occurrence. If it does, your contract will determine your options for payment. As proof of their work to get paid, staff is required to do a mobile check-in, submit photos, receipts and an event report.

How are reps matched with our brand? 
Staff applies to work your events. They are not assigned or required to work shifts that they did not request. Those that are selected to work your shifts, are required to pass your brand’s course. We develop the course based on your website, social media, the industry of your brand, and any materials that you send to us. This ensures they know enough to engage, inform and sell at your events.

Are breaks and lunches required?
Promotional staff MUST keep their energy up and stay happy. To do that, breaks are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to get the most of your investment. Anytime staff is on-site at your event, that time is charged. Therefore breaks and lunches are considered paid.

We recommend the following:
Up to 4 hours = 15 minute break
6-8 hours = 2-15 minute breaks; 30 minute lunch
8-10 hours = 2-15 minute breaks: 60 minute lunch

Will you help us estimate how many samples/ bags will be required for sampling at a particular store?
Yes, we can make suggestions on the number of bags for sampling. However you should first consult with the demo manager at those stores- ask about the store’s volume, response to sampling in the store, how many units are sold weekly and monthly, and general volume on days that you are considering doing a sampling. Our rates don’t include scheduling demos with the stores. However, we can consult and schedule the event with the store, for a minimal fee.

What type of reporting will I get after the event?  
For store demos only, you will receive a report that includes: customer sampling # and % of sales, race, gender, age group, customer feedback, representative feedback about the store and location. For secret shopper events, you will receive a recap based on the feedback you requested.

Can I get a list of questions that staff would ask during the demo? 
Ambassadors describe the product to the sampler. Examples of closing the sale questions: “Which flavor would you like to buy today?” “How many bags would you like?” “Do you want to purchase that flavor today?” Staff is taught to Engage, Inform and Sell.©

How long of a notice will you need for staffing?
We can usually can accommodate last minute shifts. However, we recommend to request staff 2 weeks in advance. 

What will the mode of payment be?
Electronic invoice or check. Your contract package will determine your payment terms.

Will there be any volume discounts? (e.g. If we do x number of events per month?)
Yes. Please request a quote package which outlines our package options.

What other marketing services do you offer? 
Tradeshow exhibit display, from Exhibit People designing the graphics, footprint, shipping to the show and rental
Create a marketing plan for your sampling events; Schedule demos with stores
Tell us what you are seeking and we try to accommodate!