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Whether you need temporary or permanent staff, Sid Simone hires professionals.
We provide white-glove recruiting and staffing services for our clients and their guests in major US markets.

Staff is certified in their respective areas: food, alcohol, concealed weapon.

Our staff is in-demand.
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Sid Simone, Inc is a full-service staffing agency experienced in supplying diverse and TRAINED staff at a value. We are a nationwide staffing agency and brand consulting firm.

Companies and brands seeking staff in Las Vegas, Houston, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Washington DC and across the United States trust us to hire their Administrative, Event, Finance, HR, Marketing and Sales staff.

Allow Sid Simone to match your brand with a face.

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We offer an assortment of hiring solutions:

  • Event Staffing
  • Temporary Staffing​
  • Permanent Staffing
  • Direct Hiring, Recruitment
  • Demo Coordination
  • Brand Training
  • Mystery Shoppers
  • Tradeshow Booth Rental

Brand Consulting 

To understand your industry, we consistently conduct research nationwide.

Experiential Marketing and Staffing are in-demand. We combine both!

Research and workshops are conducted at events including staffing for Catersource, National Restaurant Association, Nightclub and Bar Expo, Winter Fancy Foods, and WSWA. You'll even find us at bars, breweries, dating events, distilleries, non-profit organizations, and wineries.

We can help grow your business by linking you with with a variety of brands:

  • Celebrity Chefs
  • Events
  • Real Estate Open Houses
  • Wine, Spirits, Beer
  • Venues/Clubs

Exposure​ to Thousands

Staffing with us means rapid hiring and exposure to a network of THOUSANDS of potential consumers. ​​

Our victories are measured by the brands which we have helped launch and the 40%+ sales increases and 60% expense reduction they have reported.

Sid Simone fills staffing vacancies, increases sales and decreases employment expenditures by finding, training, and supplying skilled staff across the United States.

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Our Benefits Are Black and White

Pay  Us.
Not Staff.
Trained Staff
Nationwide. All stores.
We schedule and pay staff for you. No more managing multiple temp staff.
 Ambassadors  graduate from your brand's course, before representing you.
Staff can even travel internationally. 
 Don't lose a store or contract!
Consistent Budget
Try Staff Before Hiring
Remain Discrete
Pay set fees.  Commission makes your budget unpreditable.
Don't pay
 insurance for temp staff, or staff that is underperforming.
Replace poor performing staff, without them knowing.
Sales & Exposure
No Travel Spending
1 of 3 live events lead to sharing!

We connect you with media, brands, and local exposure.
Fill job vacancies faster. We have a pool of THOUSANDS of professionals.
Don't pay for travel, hotel and per-diem for employees.

Companies have saved 60% of their budget!
Certified Staff
Upsell Clients
Pick Your Diverse
Because your consumers don't look alike. Neither should your staff!
Age, race, size, height- you pick!
Alcohol, Food, Bartender and any other certifications needed to do the job successfully.

Distributors tease clients with a sampling event and they'll buy more!
Marketing companies, show clients you're a "one-stop" marketing shop. 
Nationwide event staffing.