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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What other services do you offer? 

What is the fee to hire staff?
Temporary staff cost an hourly rate.  Direct Hire staff cost a flat fee. Contact us to receive an estimate.
What cities and stores do you service?
We staff in cities that are within 30 minutes of a major market across the United States. Staff can even travel internationally (client pays travel fees).  Staff can execute at any store or venue that allows 3rd party agencies. Consult with your retailers to know their regulations. Request a quote from us, for specific locations.

What happens if staff doesn't appear for my event? 
This is not a common occurrence. If it does, your contract will determine your options. Back-up staff is required for tradeshows. As proof of work to get paid, staff is required to do a mobile check-in, submit photos, receipts and an event report.

How is a candidate matched with our role? 
For Event Staff, they apply to work your events. They are not assigned or required to work shifts that they did not request.  Based on their profile and interview, we select them for your shift. Depending on your package, you can select your staff from a digital link.

For select positions, those that are selected to work your shifts, are required to pass your brand’s course. We develop the course based on your website, social media, the industry of your brand, and any materials that you send to us. This ensures they know enough to Engage, Inform and Sell.© 

Direct-Hire Staff are recruited and interviewed by our recruiting team. Through assessments and background checks, we work closely with you to identify the right talent for your role.

Can I interview staff prior to them working for me? 
Yes. Interviews are included in Placement and Direct Hire positions. For event staff, there is a fee.

Are breaks and lunches required for Event Staff?
Providing lunch for expo staff is not required, but is highly appreciated for staff to cut down on their costs.

Promotional staff must keep up their energy, to promote your brand! To do that, breaks are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to get the most of your investment. Event staff is not your employee, therefore, anytime staff is on-site at your event, that time is charged. Breaks and lunches are considered paid.

We require the following break schedule:
Up to 5 hours = 15-minute break
Up to 8 hours = 1-15 minute break; 30 minute lunch
Up to 10 hours = 2-15 minute breaks; 60 minute lunch
Up to 20 hours= 2-15 minute breaks; 2-30 minute breaks; 1-60 minute lunch
Can I invite staff to dinner or company meetings?
Yes. All of our staff's time is scheduled through us. Any time staff is with a client, it is charged and considered a shift.

Will you help us estimate the number of units for sampling ?
We can suggest the number of units for sampling. However, you should first consult with the demo manager at the stores- ask about special events, the store’s volume, response to sampling in the store, how many units are sold weekly and monthly, and general volume on days that you are considering doing a sampling. We will schedule the demos with the stores for a fee.

What type of reporting will I receive after the event?  
For store demos, you can receive a report that includes a full event overview based on your needs, and typical industry demographics.  For mystery shopper events, you will receive a recap based on the feedback you requested. Contact us for details.

How much of a notice will you need?
We usually can accommodate last minute shifts. Requesting  2 weeks in advance is highly recommended. For select roles, the process can take less than 24 hours.

Do you offer volume discounts?
Yes. Please contact us for package options.

Where can I send my products and materials for demos or shifts?
Send to the store or venue. Attn: Manager Name + Sid Simone Staff + Event Date + SAVE FOR DEMO

Request to be a Supplier  
We are always seeking mediums to expand our and our clients' network. Your submission does not guarantee contract of your services. Unsolicited calls are not accepted nor will be returned. 
We cannot conduct business with vendors outside our network.
Best event staffing, executive recruiting staffing agency.